Parrotletbirds Reviews & Testimonials

We have gathered just a few of the more than 750 satisfied customers who have submitted testimonial feedback on the Parrotlet(s) they received from our aviary. More testimonial feedback is available upon request.

I don’t think I could trust anyone else with purchasing a parrotlet from other than Parrotlet Birds. They are fast, smooth, and very efficient, not to mention serious about business yet easy as ever to work with. If anyone were to ask me about purchasing a parrotlet and where to get one I would immediately and undoubtedly recommend these people. My bird is healthy, still getting used to her new home so still shy and somewhat territorial about her cage. However I am sure that will pass considering how well behaved she is once she is out of her cage and interacting with others. It is clear that these birds are clearly tamed and hand-fed and raised the right way from the start for anyone who wishes to own a parrotlet and enjoy one especially. I thank you again Parrotlet Birds and hope to do business with you again if any regarding a Parrotlet at all! A. Contardo ~ San Diego, California

I purchased two pairs of pacific parrotlets from – both very nice sized birds & wonderful coloring! Being a breeder myself I try and be careful who I buy from and want the same nice stock that parrotletbirds has. They did everything they could to help with the pairing and the genetics of the various colors. If you are looking for a pet or a breeder, I would highly recommend this company. C. Caronis ~ Ohio

Just giving you an update. The birds you sent are BEAUTIFUL! And they’re goofy! The blue male runs around the top of his cage… when I put my hand in the way he puts his head down and tries to plow my hand over! He’s good about stepping up – such a sweetie! The pretty female is a riot, too. She’s always hanging from the top of her cage by one foot. Or walking around upside-down trying to get some attention. The female lets me scratch her head and she loves her watermelon. A. Ward ~ Idaho

Parrotletbirds is the best aviary I have done business with. They really worked with me on what I was looking for and how much I was looking to spend. They made sure I got what I wanted. As for shipping, awesome. The carrier was setup with a layer of wood chips for the babies and made sure they had enough millet and veggies for the trip. The baby’s are doing wonderful and they are nice and healthy. Thank you so very much. I will definitely be doing more business with them and I highly recommend them to everyone that you should check them out. Brenda Ebare ~ Michigan Around the World Aviary and Rescue! 

Thank you so much for sending my daughter such a beautiful little Parrotlet! My daughter is already very attached to her. It will be a very well-cared, a very coddled and loved little bird. Lauren sent a picture of her the other day, and she is absolutely adorable! Thank You Again! Jeanette & Lauren M. (San Francisco, California) August 20, 2010
I have good news finally! We received the birds 2:00 in the morning and everyone is looking great! They were hungry and thirsty, but now they are running around peeping and throwing seeds everywhere! Thank you for all your help, they are beautiful!!! Rachel Knapik (New York)



Adopted May 2012 & June 2012

Hi Parrotletbirds. Sheryl and I are having SO MUCH FUN with our new babies!!! We wanted to share an adorable picture we took of Bella and Kiwi meeting one another for the first time and having a fun day together. Lots of preening and cuddling. Too cute!!! Thank you so much for these precious beauties. We couldn’t love them more! ♥ ♥ ♥