New “Turquoise Parrotlet” Color Mutation

NEW “Turquoise Parrotlet” Color Mutation

  • Pacific Parrotlet Color Mutation: Turquoise
  • Turquoise Color Mutation also includes: Turquoise Pied Parrotlet, Dilute Turquoise Parrotlet, Fallow-Pied Parrotlet, Fallow Turquoise Parrotlet, White Parrotlet, Turquoise Parrotlet…

Turquoise Pacific Parrotlet


Do Parrotlets need DNA testing to determine sex?

Determining the sex of a Pacific Parrotlet is rather easy and can be done without going through the process of having the Parrotlet DNA sexed. All male Parrotlets have a royal-cobalt blue coloring located on the rump (back), above the eyes, and on their wings. The female Parrotlets are solid in color. The only Parrotlet which requires DNA lab sexing and can’t be done visually are the Albino Parrotlets.

For Example: A Green Pacific Parrotlet that is solid green in color with no royal cobalt blue markings is a female (second parrotlet picture below). A Green Pacific Parrotlet with royal cobalt blue markings located on the rump, eyes, and wings would absolutely be a male Parrotlet (first parrotlet picture below).

Pacific Parrotlet: Green Male
Pacific Parrotlet: Green Female