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Parrotletbirds Aviary Specializes in Adorable Pet-Quality Hand-Fed Baby Parrotlets including, unrelated bonded and proven Pacific Parrotlet breeding pairs.

Parrotletbirds Aviary is located just 10 miles north of Los Angeles International Airport and directly across the street from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the heart of Bel Air, California. Parrotletbirds Aviary has been successfully breeding Celestial Pacific Parrotlets for over 12 years with over 13 years of experience.

Pacific Parrotlets offer many years of loving companionship and lasting memories. The amount of joy, happiness and love a Pacific Parrotlet will bring to a family is simply priceless! Parrotletbirds Aviary is confident you’ll join the ranks of more than 650 satisfied families who have adopted one of our Adorable Quality Hand-Fed Baby Pacific Parrotlets. 

Parrotletbirds Aviary wants to ensure your Parrotlet is healthy, happy, and active. All Pacific Parrotlets purchased from Parrotletbirds Aviary are backed with a 10-Day Health Guarantee.

Pacific Parrotlet Color Mutations Available For Sale Include: Green, Blue, American White, American Yellow, Dilute-Blue, Green Lacewing, Blue Lacewing, Green Fallow, Blue Fallow, Yellow Fallow, White Fallow, Turquoise, Dilute-Turquoise, Turquoise Pieds, Dominant Green Pieds, Dominant Blue Pied, Dominant Yellow Pied, Dominant White Pied, Dominant Fallow Pieds, Albino, Lutinos, Pastels. Including Single, Double, Triple Splits.

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When does a Parrotlet breeding season begin?

Pacific Parrotlets have no “set” breeding season. A majority of Parrotlets have the ability to breed and produce year round. A suggestion to those seeking to breed parrotlets, limit each parrotlet breeding pair to 2- 3 clutches per year. By allowing each pair to rest in between clutches will increase your chances of having larger and healthier babies/clutches. This information submitted by A pacific parrotlet breeder specializing in hand-fed parrotlet babies. Parrotletbirds is located in Los Angeles, California.

Pacific Parrotlet: Demeanor & Temper

Celestial Pacific Parrotlets can at times be feisty little buggers. One should never purchase a Parrotlet just because you find them cool in coloring or because they are small. Before purchasing any bird including a Parrotlet, the new owner should dedicate time researching a Parrotlets personality and characteristics, along with asking questions to qualified breeds and/or avian vet.

Parrotlets should not be overlooked in favor of more widely known types of birds; any bird owner, including Parrotlet owners will tell you that all birds possess all the intelligence and attitude of the largest of macaws. Pacific Parrotlets are fairly quiet companions, making them ideal for families who live in apts. or condos. Many of our satisfied customers come from the East Coast States & confirmed this claim.

Hand-Fed American Yellow Parrotlet

At what point should I stop breeding my parrotlet pair? suggest limiting the amount of clutches each parrotlet breeding pair is allowed to produce in any given year. If proper care along with a hardy and healthy diet is given to your parrotlet breeding pair(s), We would venture to say most parrotlet pairs can produce fertile clutches along with healthy babies for at least 4-6 years.

There have been many cases where parrotlet breeding pairs continued to produce healthy clutches at a much older age, however, Parrotletbirds does not recommend breeding your parrotlets after an age of around 8 years. Everyone needs a break eventually!

~ Parrotletbirds are the proud owners of the following Pacific Parrotlet Breeding Pairs ~

Dilute Blue (M) w. Turquoise Split Yellow (F) 

Yellow Split White (M) w/ Yellow Split White (F)

Dom. Green Split Blue Pied (F) w. Yellow Split Blue (M)

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