When does a Parrotlet breeding season begin?

Pacific Parrotlets have no “set” breeding season. A majority of Parrotlets have the ability to breed and produce year round. A suggestion to those seeking to breed parrotlets, limit each parrotlet breeding pair to 2- 3 clutches per year. By allowing each pair to rest in between clutches will increase your chances of having larger and healthier babies/clutches. This information submitted by parrotletbirds.com. A pacific parrotlet breeder specializing in hand-fed parrotlet babies. Parrotletbirds is located in Los Angeles, California.

Parrotletbirds Captures Images of “Parrotlets Flying”

Images of Pacific Parrotlets Flying while enjoying the sunny Southern California weather. These pictures were captured by Parrotletbirds.com.


"American Yellow Parrotlet"


American White Parrotlet

Blue Male Pacific Parrotlet

Dominant Green Split Blue Pied Parrotlet

Dominant Green Split Blue Pied Parrotlet