Parrotletbirds Social Networks

Parrotletbirds Social Networks

Parrotletbirds Social Media

Keep in touch with Parrotletbirds on your favorite social network. When its comes to Pacific Parrotlets, we’ll keep you informed and updated with important information, new Pacific Parrotlet arrivals, photos, videos, availability, sales and special offers and much more! We want you to join our social networks! Don’t forget to invite your family and friends!

Parrotletbirds Facebook

Connect with Parrotletbirds to view over 10,000 photos of the Parrotlets we raised over the course of 10 years, “Like” by more than 1,375 people, interact with near 3,000 and growing Parrotletbirds Facebook Friends, participate in discussions, write, read, and comment on our wall, “meet” our Adoptable, Adorable Pet Quality Hand-Fed Baby Pacific Parrotlets, read stories, feedback and testimonials submitted by our satisfied customers, and so much more. Lets be friends.

Parrotletbirds YouTubeSometimes photos and words just aren’t enough. So we’ve attempted to capture the quality, character, and spirit of our Pacific Parrotlets we raise and the love we have for animals with some of our videos. Parrotletbirds has over 715 subscribers, 180 videos which have been viewed over 1.2 million times and counting. We encourage you to Subscribe to Parrotletbirds channel Today!


Flickr is the best photo sharing application in the world. View more than 4,000 photos of the Parrotlets we have raised over the last 10 years. With billions of photos, Flickr is a place of amazing photography with endless possibilities. Explore the world of possibilities, share your stories, and be inspired. View Parrotletbirds photos and have a conversation through comments, favorites, notes and more.

TwitterAlready using Twitter on your phone or computer? Get short, timely Tweets from Parrotletbirds. Twitter is a rich source of instantly updated information. It’s easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of Pacific Parrotlet topics. Join us today and follow @ Parrotletbirds.


Parrotletbirds Instagram

 Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with family and friends through a series of  photos. Parrotletbirds has decided you all are family therefore we have snapped photos of our  parrotlet which are  shared via mobile phone. Transforming a image of a Parrotlet into a  memory to keep around forever. Parrotletbirds is a part of Instagram to allow you to view photos of our pacific parrotlets. Parrotletbirds imagines a world in which is more connected through photos. Download the “Instagram App” today.

Parrotletbirds Google+

Parrotletbirds Hits 1,000,000 Video Views….

Parrotletbirds Hits 1,000,000 Video Views....

This week, Parrotletbirds achieved a milestone on YouTube Video Views – 1,000,000 Views & Counting. From everyone at Parrotletbirds Aviary we would like to give a special thanks to those who made this possible!

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