Male vs. Female | Green vs. Color Mutation Parrotlets

Should I adopt a Male Pacific Parrotlet? Or adopt a Female Pacific Parrotlet?. Are Green Pacific Parrotlets smarter vs other Parrotlet Color Mutations? These sort of Pacific Parrotlet questions are often asked by a majority of customers for various reasons. Some customers have read information on this topic yet heard something completely opposite. You will find strong opinions to this question as Parrotlet owners/breeders who have had positive experience with males/females or a certain color will tell you “only buy an X or Y” or if they have had a bad experience will undoubtably tell you the opposite.

The way Parrotletbirds Aviary approaches these questions are relating them to human life.

For Example: You have 2 children, a son and a daughter. Your best friend who is expecting a new born ask you “Do you prefer a boy or girl? Which child has a better personality? Smarter? Friendlier?” One would imagine your answer wouldn’t be “a boy” or “a girl” – Each and every child (or in this case a Pacific Parrotlet) shares some similar characteristics, however, they are also each unique and different in many ways.

The owner, the environment, how much time you spend with your new Parrotlet companion AND how you socialize your Parrotlet are very important. Those seeking to adopt a baby Pacific Parrotlet often select a male because they are more colorful (Dark Blue coloring on rump, wings, eyelids). However, BOTH can be sweet and loving as well as ALL mutation colors. If you are looking for a parrotlet with a specific personality type, please contact us and we will let you know if we have a Parrotlet compatible with your family.

Parrotletbirds Aviary
Toll Free: (888) 887-1261
Los Angeles, California

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