Pacific Parrotlet: Demeanor & Temper

Celestial Pacific Parrotlets can at times be feisty little buggers. One should never purchase a Parrotlet just because you find them cool in coloring or because they are small. Before purchasing any bird including a Parrotlet, the new owner should dedicate time researching a Parrotlets personality and characteristics, along with asking questions to qualified breeds and/or avian vet.

Parrotlets should not be overlooked in favor of more widely known types of birds; any bird owner, including Parrotlet owners will tell you that all birds possess all the intelligence and attitude of the largest of macaws. Pacific Parrotlets are fairly quiet companions, making them ideal for families who live in apts. or condos. Many of our satisfied customers come from the East Coast States & confirmed this claim.

Hand-Fed American Yellow Parrotlet

One thought on “Pacific Parrotlet: Demeanor & Temper

  1. We have a pair of parrotlets. It appears our female (light blue) tries to mate with the male (dark blue). She does that cute “shimmie” dance. My wife swears she is the male. Please help explain this behavior. Thank you

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