At what point should I stop breeding my parrotlet pair? suggest limiting the amount of clutches each parrotlet breeding pair is allowed to produce in any given year. If proper care along with a hardy and healthy diet is given to your parrotlet breeding pair(s), We would venture to say most parrotlet pairs can produce fertile clutches along with healthy babies for at least 4-6 years.

There have been many cases where parrotlet breeding pairs continued to produce healthy clutches at a much older age, however, Parrotletbirds does not recommend breeding your parrotlets after an age of around 8 years. Everyone needs a break eventually!

~ Parrotletbirds are the proud owners of the following Pacific Parrotlet Breeding Pairs ~

Dilute Blue (M) w. Turquoise Split Yellow (F) 

Yellow Split White (M) w/ Yellow Split White (F)

Dom. Green Split Blue Pied (F) w. Yellow Split Blue (M)

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What occurs during the incubation process of a pacific parrotlet?

The incubation period for most Pacific Parrotlets is 19 to 24 days. The hen will spend a majority of her time in the nest box taking care of and keeping her eggs warm. The hen will come out of the nest box occasionally to poop and replenish nutrients. The male parrotlet will be dedicated to feeding his mate either in the nest box or at the entrance hole. It is not uncommon to see both the male and female sleeping in the nest box with one another.

Note: Water should be changed on a daily basis, however, recommends changing the water twice daily when your parrotlet breeding pair has begun the process of laying eggs, incubating hatching, raising etc.